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Yom Shlishi, 30 Tishri 5776

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Israel: Land, People, Politics

6th 7th gradesStudents in Kitah Vav will explore the people, politics, and land of modern Israel. The class will spend a short time studying the formation of ancient Israel and tracing the evolution of that land and its people to the 21st century. They will discover that there has been an ongoing, though small, Jewish presence in what is now Israel since biblical times. Kitah Vav will study the development of Zionism, its effect on politics and its relationship to religious Judaism, etc. They will learn about Israel’s socialist leanings (the kibbutzim and moshavim) and see how the military, the wars of independence, Palestinian refugee camps, terrorist acts, and the Intifada have affected the collective psyche in Israel.

Once the students have a general understanding of the history of this volatile area, they will begin an in-depth study of the current socio-political situations. Finally, students will be expected to propose their own solutions to the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, the religious-secular Jewish conflict, and the conflicts among the Jewish of different edot (Jews from different ethnic or cultural backgrounds). Kitah Vav will examine how the Jewish holidays are celebrated in modern Israel.