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Yom Shlishi, 17 Elul 5775

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Yarzheit candle

You are invited and encouraged to share with us the names and yahrzeits of your beloved ones who have departed from us. (Please telephone or email us: (206) 547-3914 or This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ). We will honor their memory by announcing their names during services. May you be comforted among all the mourners of Israel.

In Jewish tradition, when the year of mourning is over, mourners are expected to return to a fully normal life. There are several occasions each year when our loved ones who have passed on are memorialized. The most significant of these is yahrzeit, the anniversary of the death, which is observed according to the Hebrew calendar. Yahrzeit observance begins at night. A 24-hour candle is lit and one may attend a service to recite the Kaddish (the memorial prayer). It is traditional to avoid attending celebrations or parties on the day of yahrzeit, and some people fast on that day.


Yit-gadal v'yit-kadash sh'mey rabah, b'almah di-v'rah chirutey, v'yamlich malchutey, b'chayey-chon uv'yomey-chon uv'chayey d'chol beyt Yisrael, ba-agalah u-viz'man kariv, v'imru, Ameyn.


Y'hey sh'mey rabah m'varach l'alam ul-almey al-mayah.


Yit-barach v'yish-tabach v'yit-pa-ar v'yit-romam v'yit-nasey,v'yit-hadar v'yit-aleh v'yit-halal, sh'mey d'ku-d'shah, b'rich hu, l'elah min kol birchatah v'shiratah, tush-b'chatah v'nechematah, da-amiran b'almah, v'imru, Ameyn.


Y'hey sh'lamah rabah min sh'mayah, v'chayyim, aleynu v'al kol Yisrael, v'imru, Ameyn.


Oseh shalom bim-romav, hu ya-aseh shalom aleynu v'al Yisrael v'al kol yoshvey teyvel, v'imru, Ameyn.

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Let God's great name be magnified and made holy in this world created through the Creator. May God's sovereignty soon be made complete in our life and the life of all Israel, and let us say, Ameyn.

Let God's great name be blessed, in this world, and in the world of worlds, forever. Blessed, called amazing, glorified, extolled, honored, respected, lifted up, and praised be the name of the Holy One who is to be blessed, above anything we can bless or sing, above all prayers and consolations which we can say in this world, and let us say, Ameyn.

Let there be a great peace from heaven. Let us have a good life--and the same for all of Israel, and let us say, Ameyn.

May the One who makes peace in the heavens above make peace for us, for all of Israel, and for all who dwell here on this world, and let us say, Ameyn.


If you wish to make a donation in memory of your departed ones, please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or give through Network for Good.