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Yom Rivii, 18 Elul 5775

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Kadima's 18 Mitzvot program is a component of our B'nei Mitzvah program.  It ia series of required activities that demonstrate Jewish and universal ethical values.

18 in Jewish numerology represents the word Chai or life. Some of the 18 Mitzvot requirements listed below will be completed by the student independently and some will best be accomplished within the B’nei Mitzvah class chavurah (friendship circle) as group activities:

The 18 mitzvot are grouped into six categories:

  1. Tzedakah - sharing resources
  2. Tza'ar ba'alei cha'im - empathy for other living things
  3. Mishpacha (family) and self
  4. Gimilut chasadim - deeds of love and compassion
  5. Kehillah (community) building - for a strong, active, local Jewish community  
  6. Tikkun olam - world repair, including pursuits of peace and justice.