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Yom Chamishi, 25 Tishri 5776

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dressed torah edd Integrating celebration, study, and work for social justice through programs, holidays, Shabbatot, education for all generations, and activism for a just, peaceful, and healthy world.

Member Driven -- Kadima integrates life-cycle and holiday celebrations, lifelong study, and work for social justice in many dimensions. Our diverse community includes interfaith and multicultural families, single adults, and gay and lesbian members.

Reconstructionist Judaism -- Reconstructionist Judaism is a progressive, contemporary approach to Jewish life which integrates a deep respect for traditional Judaism with the insights and ideas of contemporary social, intellectual, and spiritual life.

Adult Learning -- Adult programs at Kadima include explorations of Judaism and Jewish culture, spiritual development, and social activism. No matter where Kadima adults are on the spectrum of Jewish knowledge, educational programs are available to meet their needs.

Education for Youth and Children -- We provide an integrated, anti-bias curriculum, in an atmosphere of tolerance and diversity, from preschool through high school.

  • Kadima's Judaic Studies school meets two Sundays a month and provides a full, rich, and relevant Jewish education.
  • Hebrew study begins in the third grade with a curriculum that covers both conversational and liturgical Hebrew. Student-centered teaching methods are used, emphasizing understanding rather than rote learning.
  • Kadima's B'nei Mitzvah program provides students with the opportunity to delve deeply into Jewish learning. Students debate ethical issues and grapple with the meaning of Judaism in their lives as they study Torah, different approaches to Biblical criticism, Jewish spirituality, and the structure and purposes of Jewish liturgy.

Holiday and Ritual Celebrations -- Beginning with the High Holidays, and continuing through the yearly cycle of major seasonal Jewish holidays and Shabbat observations, Kadima liturgy allows members and visitors to embrace Jewish practices in ways that speak to them. Our celebrations are unique in their warmth and their inclusiveness with respect to a range of Jewish beliefs. Our community and our liturgy welcome, encourage, and support spiritual diversity.

Women's Torah Project -- Kadima commissioned the first Torah in history to be scribed and completely embellished by women, and to be literally sewn together in community. Kadima's Women's Torah and the story of its creation have captivated the minds and hearts of women, men, and Jews everywhere.

Middle East Peace Camp -- Kadima is a co-founder of this grassroots Arab and Jewish coalition which is dedicated to embracing our common humanity by empowering children and youth through education, leadership development, and play.