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Yom Shishi, 26 Tishri 5776

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chanukah party1 editedChanukah celebrates the miracle of one day's oil burning for eight days, and Chanukah celebrates the first battle fought to achieve religious freedom.

Everyone is welcome to attend Kadima's annual Chanukah party! Grownups fry up latkes by the dozens and serve them as part of a potluck dinner. Everyone brings their Channukiot, which are placed on a single table, and the children light them. After dinner, we dance, sometimes with live music, sometimes with recorded music. We play dreidel games. Some years there are crafting stations where children can create artworks with a Chanukah theme. Suffice to say, everyone has a wonderful time celebrating the miracle of oil and the righteous battle for religious freedom. Chanukah lights are warm and bright in Seattle when darkness falls at 4:00 pm and the cold rain falls.

At the Kadima School's Chanukah party, in addition to latkes, crafts, dreidel games, and dancing, children and their parents pack lunches for the residents of Tent City, which the B'nei Mitzvah students deliver to them.

Some of us need to relearn the rules of Dreidel each year, so, for your reference:
When you spin the dreidle and it lands on...
Nun - nothing happens and the next player spins the dreidel
Gimel - the spinner takes everything in the pot, and everyone antes up before the next spin
Hey -  the spinner takes half the pieces in the pot, or half minus one if there are an odd number of pieces
Shin - put one piece in the pot.