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   12353 8th Ave NE, Seattle, WA  98125
                    (206) 547-3914

Yom Shabbat, 14 Elul 5775

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What is Reconstructionist Judaism?

Reconstructionist Judaism is a progressive, contemporary approach to Jewish life which integrates a deep respect for traditional Judaism with the insights and ideas of contemporary social, intellectual, and spiritual life.

When and where are Kadima Shabbat services?

Kadima has morning Shabbat services on the second Saturday of most months, September through June. Please check the website calendar for scheduled services. Services are usually held at Kadima house at 10:00 a.m. They include Reconstructionist Torah study and are followed by a vegetarian potluck lunch. 

Does Kadima have a rabbi?

Yes! We welcomed Rabbi David Basior into our community on July 1, 2015.  Rabbi David Basior graduated from the Reconstructionist Rabbinical College in 2015.  

How many members does Kadima have?

We currently have 29 member families.

Where is Kadima House?

Kadima House is located in north Seattle, about 20 blocks north of Northgate Mall, just east of Interstate 5, and just south of 125th Street NE. Our address: 12353 8th Avenue NE, Seattle, WA  98125.

Does Kadima hold High Holy Days services?

Yes! We celebrate the High Holy Days at Prospect Church on Capitol Hill. Services are participatory and include lots of singing. We have services on Erev Rosh Hashanah, Rosh Hashanah, Erev Yom Kippur (Kol Nidre), and Yom Kippur. We also have Tashlich, Yizkor, and Neilah services. Kadima hosts a break-fast potluck dinner following Neilah. Childcare is available at no cost during all services except Tashlich, Yizkor, and Neilah.

Does Kadima offer Jewish Education for children?

We offer Judaic Studies for children in Pre-Kindergarten through 7th grade. Classes meet on Sundays, twice monthly, September through June.

Kadima offers a four-year Hebrew language program for grades 3 - 6. The first three years focus on modern conversational Hebrew. The last year focuses on understanding and becoming fluent with blessings and liturgy. Hebrew classes meet weekly, September through June.

Kadima's two-year B'nei Mitzvah program allows students the opportunity to delve deeply into Jewish learning and to prepare for their Bat or Bar Mitzvah. In the first year, students focus on Torah related to the “Mitzvah themes” in their required 18 Mitzvot program. In their second year, students focus on the Torah portions that fall on their Bat or Bar Mitzvah dates.

What does Kadima offer adults?

Kadima has plenty to offer! Adult education programs throughout the school year, opportunities for social engagement with our Social Justice Group, quarterly explorations of contemporary Jewish culture (movies, game nights, etc.), Shabbat, retreats, holidays celebrations, and more!

Does Kadima have an auction?

Our biggest and most exciting fundraising event is our annual Dinner and Auction gala, which is usually held in the springtime.

What do I get for my membership fees?

As a Kadima member, you will have access to camps and retreats, invitations to Shabbat dinners and other high holiday events, and an excellent jewish education for you and yours. Our staff and community will be there to support you through life's challenges and joys. Membership fees to Kadima are tax deductible, as Kadima is a registered non-profit organization.

How do I join Kadima?

Call Susan, our Administrator, at  (206) 547-3914 and she will guide you through the process.

What if I can't afford membership fees?

We can help you determine a membership amount that works for you. Contact Susan at (206) 547-3914 for more information. No one will be turned away due to an inability to pay.

Do I have to be a member to enroll my child in Kadima's schools?

Membership is not a prerequisite of school enrollment; however, tuition rates are lower for Kadima members. We offer a one-year discounted membership rate to new Pre-Kindergarten families.